Managed Services

Under immense time and work constraints, Universities rely on us to bolster up and invigorate academic programmes by providing high-quality teaching programmes and logistic support in many ways. We provide academic and logistical insourcing by managing data services, trading room and IT room locations, financial platforms and may other services.

CURRICULUM DESIGN– TTC supports Finance faculty and related academics in developing high quality Curriculum for teaching industry-strength financial programmes that utilise the data and platform resources they have at their disposal like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Datastream and many other data sources.  

TRADING ROOM LOGISTICS– We provide specialist support in developing and managing trading room infrastructure and IT. We design, scope and build trading rooms, providing proposals and blueprints for several designs and layouts. We can build facilities for small numbers of users or fully resourced trading rooms for up to 100 students. 

In addition, we design educational programmes like the FTP to help Universities to maximise returns from their investment in trading labs, software and informational and analytic services.

RESEARCH and DISSERTATION SUPPORT– We provide managed student research services that support faculty and students – dissertation assistance, data sourcing and analysis, the use of Bloomberg, Datastream, Thompson-Reuters, WRDS, E-views and other applications in research. This takes the pressure off of faculty to engage with students when they have practical questions on an ongoing basis during the busy third semester exam times.

UNIVERSITY STUDENT INVESTMENT FUNDS– We also create and manage student-led investment funds whereby students are given the opportunity to run a portfolio of investments to reflect their knowledge gained over the degree study period. We assist them to provide analytical research and analysis of performance-related returns on their chosen portfolio assets using analytic tools like Bloomberg and other systems.

For more information on our services please contact TTC at [email protected]


"I chose to study the Finance Trading Programme (FTP) as I wanted to get a more hands-on approach on complex financial topics. During normal lectures, we don’t have the time to see whether the theories we learn are applicable to the real world, and if they are, how. The Trading Programme provides me with the practical tools that I will need in the real world to analyse the markets and based on that, take trades." - MSc Investment and Finance Student

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