Graduate Placement Services

TTC has established relationships with financial institutions and members of the global financial markets and we know the employability skills and qualifications that they seek in new employees. We offer a service to graduates of any educational institution to help them to focus on the employer or industry sector of choice and to structure a plan to approach these companies.

We feel that, as an educator, our role goes beyond the classroom and trading lab and we have a continuing interest in seeing able students become successful in their career paths.


If you have relevant finance and financial markets qualifications to undergraduate and graduate level and have an interest in being employed by high-quality financial institutions, then please contact us and we will try to help you to find relevant work. All personal data, CV鈥檚 and information provided by people interested in these services are kept under strict data protection rules. No information is shared with third-party entities without the consent of the party involved. Our job is to provide an introduction to potential employers.


We have a database of high-quality graduate-level candidates for a range junior positions and entry-level careers in financial services. We work closely with employers to ensure that the right people are introduced to them. If you are an employer who seeks new and talented individuals to join your workforce, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Industry Partners

At TTC we pride ourselves on having working relationships with many high-calibre institutions including The CISI, Queen Mary, University of London, King College, London, the Centre for Finance and Economic agents CCFEA (Essex University) among others. We have conducted courses and programmes over the last eight years for EUREX, ICE, NYSE, eFinancial News, IIT (Chicago), The JSE, The LSE and many other major financial institutions. We continue to seek valued partnerships in the industry and to extend our reach into new sectors.


We are grateful for the good wishes and compliments we receive in the testimonials that are sent to us. We also welcome constructive criticism from those who have attended our programmes and seek to improve our course offerings consistently. Here are a few of our recent FTP attendees and their thoughts.


"I chose to study the Finance Trading Programme (FTP) as I wanted to get a more hands-on approach on complex financial topics. During normal lectures, we don鈥檛 have the time to see whether the theories we learn are applicable to the real world, and if they are, how. The Trading Programme provides me with the practical tools that I will need in the real world to analyse the markets and based on that, take trades." - MSc Investment and Finance Student

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