TTC 102: Equity and Index Options Trading

The objective of the Equity and Index Options Programme is to provide theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of exchange traded options. The course offers a mix of classroom based instruction, case study and practical trading exercises where students will trade on a simulated market using Sol-3 software in a trading lab/trading room environment.


Participants will be expected to have a basic understanding of options, although a review of basic options terminology will be provided. The course does not delve into the mathematics behind various options pricing models. Participants will leave the course having achieved a thorough understanding of option Greeks, the importance of Volatility and Skew, and various options trading strategies.聽聽聽 During the Module, attendees will be able to apply the knowledge gained in the previous sessions and get a sense of how options trade in an electronic trading environment.

Participants will build their own volatility and skew curves so as to obtain theoretical values from which they will be better able to determine entry and exit points for various options strategies that they may wish to implement based upon their own views on direction and volatility.

Through the risk management software embedded in Sol3, students will also be able to see how risk/reward profiles change under dynamic market conditions. Attendees will be taken through a rigorous Programme of theoretical and practical education in Energy Futures trading and Energy markets.

The Programme offers:

  • Intense options trader training with practical trading sessions in the trading room using realtime professional proprietary trading and market data software
  • Options trader training from industry experts who are currently trading themselves
  • Detailed knowledge and case studies of options terminology, Greeks and strategies


Contact [email protected] to learn more about our scheduled courses.

All efforts will be made to offer a fair response to cancellation of the course attendance. Course attendance can be cancelled at any time prior to the course commencing, in writing. If attendance is cancelled with over 30 days remaining before the course starts, a full refund of monies paid minus a 拢40 administration charge will be issued. If a cancellation request is received with between 29 and 7 days remaining before the course starts, a deduction of 10% in addition to the administration charge will be made before a refund is issued. If attendance is cancelled less than one week before the course starts, 70% of the monies paid in addition to the administration charge will be deducted before a refund is issued.
Full Payment is due 30 days before the course starts.
There are only 20 available places on the Course so contact us early for booking and course information. Contact [email protected] for Course registration details.
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Duration: 29th/30th July 2020


"I chose to study the Finance Trading Programme (FTP) as I wanted to get a more hands-on approach on complex financial topics. During normal lectures, we don鈥檛 have the time to see whether the theories we learn are applicable to the real world, and if they are, how. The Trading Programme provides me with the practical tools that I will need in the real world to analyse the markets and based on that, take trades." - MSc Investment and Finance Student

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